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Using Cubs For Training

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Using a dropper is classed as baiting in the eyes of the law,if that's your thing & you confess to it then why not admit to digging badgers whilst your at it because the law & punishment for both is no different & that's a fact boys

Its only illegal if caught,as many hunt with much more savvy than the average numpty they will hunt as did their elders and good luck to them.

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Lets be honest, there was no reason for him to have the cubs at all. He did do what they said he did because nobody can prove otherwise and they did come out pretty mangled. I doubt they were killed

Whatever....all I know, is that a hunting man is responsible for his actions and his own conscience

Never used a dropper, never would and certainly wouldn't "handicap" a quarry. As for helping out on large game that's a different point altogether. When hunting big stuff was legal it was way more hum

Anyone see the news yesterday at the hunt kennel?

Disgraceful behaviour, gives everyone a bad name.

Honestly couldn't think of many things more cruel

would you of said the same if it was a rat , probably not, theres a good chance most would laugh and find it funny,yet the rat values his own life the same as the fox , iv had a quick read and iv never known so many hypocrites on one thread

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Don't know what the story is with that escapade. But the plenty of dirt around, wouldn't trust alot of people, the more you get on with your own dogs and hunting and out often, the more people want to make stories up,. Not nice at all

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Has it crossed no ones mind that they may of been looking after orphaned cubs and when the antis entered the barn at night they killed a cub, and set up the cameras for the next day knowing full well it would get binned? Let's face it, it's a well known fact antis are a f****n looney bunch that will go to any lengths to achieve their goals.

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I gave up a long time ago on the amount of so called lurcher men and terrier men that il ever climb a 5 bar gate with bad press does no one any favours . I have no intention on meeting new friends @ ask yourself this do you really no or trust that fukcer on the other side of the keyboard

Fook me, only took a decade but I finally agree with summat ye wrote haha



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