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Remakes Of Classic Songs

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I don't narmally like remakes of old songs as I find the original has that something special about it that tweaking it can't change ... BUT I love this I think it's an amazing cover of a classic song ....


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My 6 year old daughter always wants Capital Radio, rather than my Radio2 on in the car.

Some helmet has done a cover of Tracy Chapmans Fast Car and i feckin hate it but the Capital gimps play it none stop... I loath commercial radio..!!!

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I'm not a big fan of remakes. But, I do like Sweet Home Alabama by Kid Rock, he done well with that - It makes me feel like a good ol' Wiltshire red neck :D


I can't stand it when they really f**k up good old songs by putting rap in the middle.


I'm glad no one has messed with Gimme Some Lovin' by Fun Lovin' Spoonful' :)

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