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How Do You Prepare Your Food For The Pot ?

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The Wood pigeon are all breasted, washed, dried and frozen the same day, usually within an hour or so of my session finishing.


Take note lads, look how superb a condition the meat is when shot with an air rifle and "correct shot placement"








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I usually gut them on site, leaving the livers in. Then, because most of my shooting's done at night, put them in the fridge. Next day, skin them and bag up the legs and saddles, 1 rabbit per bag, then put them in the freezer.


I'm not getting to eat many at the moment - people keep asking for them.


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My woodies are either de breasted and pan fried or plucked, drawn and oven roasted and the rabbits are mostly jointed and pot roasted.

I'm lucky enough in my job to be able to get venison and farm duck etc so every so often I will dice and mix the lot into a casserole with berries, mushrooms etc as I enjoy that the most!

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I havent took any. But. if my post was in the hunting thread... I would of done.


Not sure if I should show you all chopped up bits of game anyhow.


Mark. Signature mate. 'Spring Rifles', should be 'Spring Rifle' until you invest in one more :D

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Anything I shoot gets jointed in the field and put in the freezer before the missus whinges at me. If I had to offer a tip up it would be that I always put my spoils in a zip lock bag with a smidgen of olive oil before it gets the taste of the deep freeze! I find it stops the meat "blackening" and keeps it oven ready so to speak ;)

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Rabbit can be a bit dodgey from what I read on here,- spots on the liver, tumours, mixy,tape worm eggs, tape worm etc, etc.


Even Mac`s rabbits " Glowing in the dark" :icon_eek:



A little bit off putting.

Yeah rabbits can be dodgy I've had all the nasties with them but still enjoy eating the good ones....I noticed you leave the skin on your pigeon breast ..personally I can't be arsed with the plucking so just skin them enough to get the breasts out it saves on time and mess I also skin my pheasants and just cover them with bacon when I roast them.....a warm pigeon salad one of my favourites healthy too. :thumbs:



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