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Pats starting to get arthritis,already giving him some supplements,has a good bed and gets short walks.


Anyone know what pills if any that you can get without paying extortianate vet prices and that actually work?

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There are loads of supplements available, some better than others, and some suit some dogs better than others. The downside is that they can take a good couple of months to have any real effect, so you can end up trying a few over quite a long bit of time, and not really find any difference in the dog. You may find that a low dose of a prescribed medication is more economical in the long run. Things like PLT and Metacam ( from the Vet ) can be given at low dose, and can also be given every 2nd or 3rd day, rather than daily, as they are long acting anti-inflammatory tablets, rather than being a specific painkiller that needs to be given regularly. It will depend on how sore the dog is.


Other things that really help are making sure the dog is kept warm, and out of drafts. A thick bed with plenty of padding, up off the floor, and a coat at night, can help them feel more comfortable. Not doing stairs, not jumping, and not leaping into the back of the car etc will all help too.

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I'm currently trying golden paste for my girl, made some up this evening and luckily she actually likes it.


You could try yumove if you didn't want to mess around making the GP

some have seen a difference using them.

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