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Gay Dogs And Dogmen

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Is this Pablo off to check some earths lol.

I am gonna burn my kettle out at this rate now......lol

You on the sniff again Pablo ? Jesus f**k you talk some shite

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That's unless you get the boys with two or three fictitious accounts and names.

Like yourself I've spotted a few that post pictures on here and also on FB, it's nice to have a face to put to the name you've seen on here but it's just as easy for the people that would do us harm to fish the net.

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Guest Snitch99

Does everyone from ellesmere port have a tail..


Also why are they in the habbit of wrecking good earths with the exception on one older bloke...seen two old spots ruined this season gone by inbreds from the port.


They will be on here and know they are. Bad practice lads. Am no angel but f***ing ell have some respect walking other peoples home turf.

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