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Keeping Rifles When Treating Anxiety?

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Mate I really wish you the best I really do. I suffered from depression and paranoia for 7 years where I was on strong medication and I really didn't know where I was or what was going to happen to me.


First and formost see your doctor your mental health is far more important than your firearms. Your doctor is your friend and once your doctor is happy with your progress he or she will be very supportive to you with the police. If you don't get help you are going to get worse trust me.

If you don't get help and the police get suspicious of you kiss your guns goodbye.

My doctor stood by me for the hole painfull journey and I was able to keep and shoot my guns.


It's a long journey to beat depression and anxiety/paranoia but you CAN NOT do it on your own.


By looking for help from a doctor does not mean your going to loose your guns but by not looking for help DOES mean your mental health will suffer.


I hope you pay heed to my advice for your own sake I've been there, wore the t-shirt and thankfully came out the other end.


Best of luck mate. See your doctor.

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Just wondering if anyone on here thats holds an fac or shotgun certificate has or has had anxiety and did any medication effect your renewal?

I have reached a point where I think I need a chat with a doctor but worried I'll have my tickets revoked

Thanks lads



There are lots of private counsellors, psychologists and practitioners who can provide help and care that won't have to be recorded with your GP. And they can do a lot more for you than just prescribe drugs.


Hope you get it sorted,


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Slipper, my heart goes out to you if you are having these problems, as my own granddaughter is going through the same thing; not depression, but anxiety.

She is 23 years old and has made the move to live in a little flat on her own and is trying to cope with working long hours to pay the bills, and it causes her some worries. She certainly isn't a threat to anyone, but if her employers found out about it they could take a dim view of things due to the nature of her job.

It's not fair to her or yourself. Hope you are able to get to the other end of the tunnel OK.


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There are lots of private counsellors, psychologists and practitioners who can provide help and care that won't have to be recorded with your GP. And they can do a lot more for you than just prescribe drugs.


Hope you get it sorted,




You have to declare any condition that could affect your suitability and it's an offence to make a false declaration that can result in prison. If you hide it and it ever becomes apparent then you will be prosecuted and I doubt a Court will go easy on any deliberate cover up.


By all means seek private care. However, don't try to hide it. Taken from the firearms application form notes as published here:



Medical information
4.You must disclose any physical or mental health condition that may affect your ability to safely possess and use a firearm (including a shotgun). Sections 27 and 28 of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended) specify that in order to issue a firearm or shotgun certificate the chief officer of police must be satisfied that an applicant can be permitted to possess a gun ‘without danger to the public safety or the peace’. Medical fitness is one of the factors police must consider when assessing a person’s suitability.
Relevant medical conditions which must be disclosed include, for example:
Acute Stress Reaction or an acute reaction to the stress caused by a trauma
Suicidal thoughts or self harm
Depression or anxiety
Mania, bipolar disorder or a psychotic illness
A personality disorder
A neurological condition: for example, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s diseases, or epilepsy
Alcohol or drug related abuse
Or any other condition, mental or physical, which might affect your safe possession of firearms.
Speak to the BASC about declarations.
...and whilst I don't want to post information that could be abused publicly, anxiety isn't considered a bar provided other conditions are met.
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I know this is an old thread but thought i may have some useful input for you, i am a SGC holder with a Hx of Anxiety took a break from meds for a while and am now being treated for anxiety again, my GP is great and supports shooting as a sport and has said that while they have to advise if they have any concerns, that they don't have any so wont be doing so, i guess i'll find out what the FEO thinks when renewal time comes around...

Don't look on it as an instant loss of your guns, your mental health is far more important (would you ignore it if it was chest pains...?), i wish you all the best.

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Going through same thing now unfortunately... I've put my gun up for sale tho as if I lose my license then so be it .. not fair on my kids realy so if losing my guns is the cost of me getting sorted and the kids having there old dad back so be it ..

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its a conman problem that alot of people have in the uk. linked to stress. but few admit too it. well done for admitting to it chap.


its an old thread, hope my comments help you chap. I hope you get it sorted chap. I know what your going through. life is challenging for most people, money, close family members dying, illness etc, etc. But I believe any situation can be improved with a positive approach. not always are pills needed.


Its always best to get some kind of help with these things. And it is solvable. Without loosing the very thing that makes you happy - shooting. even storing with a trusted gun shop and taking a break for a while is an option if a mate will supervise shooting outings while situations improve - worse case.


I would suggest going private if you can afford. talk to a good private councilor. its not hiding the situation to go private. and private appointments are faster than state ones some times. find the source of the anxiety and make a plan to start chipping away at the main cause. once the root cause of the anxiety is identified and then you start to tackle it THINGS WILL IMPROVE. 'once the root problem is pulled' out the anxiety will start to disappear.


If your getting help from somewhere, and not a danger to anyone in the eyes of your doctor or councilor. there is no reason to loose your ticket at all.


it takes balls to admit a problem and get help many don't. but not always do you need to take pills. there are other ways to deal with anxiety other suggestion which may or may not help and may or may not be funny to read!:


1. take regular excercise to de stress.

2. join a club where people have the same problem

3. join a very good church and become a christian!!!!

4. anti anxiety relaxation cds

5. if the wife allows visit a good massage place to de stress, preferably with attractive women doing the massages!!!

6. focus on positive outcomes when the anxiety starts by thinking positively about the problem/s.

7. tie chi can help!!!


the list could be longer. not always do people need pills to manage this sort of challenge

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This is an interesting subject.  What if someone's had a few anxiety attacks which have been recorded, but has never been treated for it and has not been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder on the medical records? Would that still need to be declared? Because technically the form reads 'have you ever been diagnosed with or treated for anxiety' . That also is a very vague word. What do they mean by anxiety? Generalised Anxiety disorder or anxiety attack? Confusing I think. 

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