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Wolf Primers

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Anyone tried these?


My RFD was out of stock of my usual CCI small rifle primers, so I bought a box of these. They are a lot cheaper than CCi which made me think they might be crap, but I was pleasantly surprised. I can't tell the difference.


I tried a few different loads earlier and my gun seems to like 24.8gr of N133 best - same as with CCI primers. Might get some large ones for my 308 too just to try out. :thumbs:

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Was it this Wolf?




I have used their ammo in the past as you can see, but not desperately impressed (understatement), don't see why there primers won't work though, at least all the ammo went bang, just arrived in very different places!



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Yes, looks like the same stuff. Glad I only got the primers from what you're saying. :D



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