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new phone KU990

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so Ive got this new phone, which is supposed to be better than the new ipod phone, well its nearly gone out the window a few times, too many buttons and gizmo's, but tried a short video of the ferts on it, just to test it out, so see what you think


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is that suspose to be the new camera phone with 5.1 million pixels ?


dont think im been negative stubbs but the picture seems quite blotchy... can you adjust the settings to use more pixels & set it on high picture quality..


had the same problem when i bought that digital recorder with a bullet camera with only 420TVL lines.



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yeah, just watched it, and its crap, yup id adjusted the settings to there lowest, thinking that would be best....D'OH


but it was also shot in the dark, Ill do another at weekend in daylight after adjusting, and see if any better,

oh and yup, its the 5 m pixel jobby

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got the same phone the week it come out the camera lens is made by the same people who make them for kodak. is a bit potchy but it is a good camera phone

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