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hes on it chook and a lower protein diet "especially now hes not quite as active " jd just had a delivery from bulk powders and thats next ! fingers crossed but got to say im more confident with the advice on here over the vets THANKS LADS (you are a lad aint you bitch :hmm::laugh: )

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Good luck matey......


The thing with vets is; some of them are fresh out of uni and don't know their way around a dog. They're very inexperienced and are still learning the ropes. But you listen because they are the vet! In all honesty I've dealt with a couple of vets that I wouldn't have anywhere near one of my dogs. As luck would have it I have also spent a great deal of time with decent vets and I have always quizzed them relentlessly about things I don't understand. The same with bone men and greyhound vets. There is plenty to learn, and no vet has all the answers.....

In life it pays to have a good vet, a good mechanic and a good Plumber..... :thumbs:

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being honest jd this vet and the practice holder we used to use way back when i had the terriers was always spot on with anything ! then we moved down south and the vets there were appalling (we used to live in an area that attracted a lot of wealthy retired folk and every vet was geard up for dealing with them ;) ) then we moved back and i went with the same practice we used way back, the trainee is now the owner so thought it would be ok ,though it does seem to be geared up for training trainees now ! but any way thanks ill let you all know the outcome in a few weeks time :thumbs: got the other trades sorted though :thumbs:

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i had thyroid checked for my bitch ,well so i thought..to find out that they didnt do a full panel as they deem a full panel not needed.So having to explain exactly my concerns they then done one.She has been given 4 lots of different antibiotics ,numerous shampoos ,ive just read a post about different shampoos to try ,so im going to try that.Totally agree with the vets nowadays at times ..they dont like owners knowing more than them.

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well its an old thread but thought i would update it took a while but the dogs spot on again now thanks to the advice off here ,this is what i did :

1 x melatonin tab daily

1 x kelp tab daily

1 x omega 3 fish oil daily

750mg acetyl-l-cartinine dailey (ex jd's advice)


i also cut his protein intake down by giving more veg (usually grated carrot)



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very interesting sandymere to see if it does return ,reading up it does sound possible that it may ! and no stress ,they are highly stung/ a bit hyper when young but nothing out the norm .mind now he has really chilled but again thats probably due to his age, as others i know have quietened down about 21/2-3 yo as well

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