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Deer Stalking Question

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Hi all I have just managed to get some land where they would like the deers managed there is a herd of 30. Now here is where my question is. I myself don't hold a dsc 1 but my dad does which he is going to come down and manage them for me. But I wouldn't mind having ago at deer stalking it never really interest me that much. that's the reason why I haven't done my dsc1 yet. If I put a variation in for a 243 will they let me shoot the deer with my dad under his dsc1. I have 22.250 for fox but I obviously I can't shoot fallow with that.plus that fact it's got a dedicated night vision scope on it doesn't help ethier lol I was going to put in for a variation anyway for another centrefire for day time use as I now have nothing to shoot foxes with in the day time I was gunna apply for ethier another .22.250 or .223 for that but if it's possible to shoot the deer with my dad I will just apply for 243 instead

I have try to get hold of my firearms officer to ask him but he is on leave at the moment and it's pointless ring the firearms office...

If someone can shed some light on it I would be much appreciated... I don't want anyone get shirty it's a genuine question

Thanks for your time

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I was just going to say that. Whatever plod might like you to believe, DSC1 is handy to have for your own benefit, but not a legal requirement. If you have permission to shoot land and there are deer present, then that's your good reason to have a deer calibre and deer conditioned on your ticket.

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Thank you that is really good to know I will be applying for a .243 I'm will have a couple of days with my dad it might not be for me yet... I really enjoy the fox and rabbit shooting I have shot a couple of muntjac's with the .22.250 before I had night scope on it and before I dropped down to 45grn Winchester silver tips but that was only coz I was ask to... if it is for me then I will do the dsc1

Thanks for your fast replies any good suggestions on make of 243 to go for? My .22.250 is a remmington 700 and I love it... it's a bit heavy though lol since I have put the hogue stock on it ... it's been a cracking gun

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Agreed - ask for a variation for a deer caliber rifle and expanding ammo for deer control, no need for DSC1, your dad can always act as a mentor which will teach you more than the DSC will!

i have to agree with this, DSC1 is no true proof of competence,
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