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Police Run Over Hound

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I don't have a problem with that if it was there only option,,,,


However surly they could have contacted the local hunt,,,sent someone to knock up the huntsman,,,bring his horn,,and call the dog in,,,,and stop the trafic in both directions,,,a mile back either side of the hound....

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Lady on lbc saying the local hunt should be prosecuted, she's spent a bit of time around the local area and apparently there always killing cats!

Worth a listen on 97.3 its entertaining to listen to the antis turn it into a fox hunting ban discussion

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The police probably took the right course of action if the hound was running into on coming traffic. Someone could have been killed.

A loose hound can be very hard to catch and the antis will make a big song and dance about it but hopefully someone will point out that the antis regularly draw hounds onto roads and railway lines to get them killed. FACT.

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If it's the road Iam thinking off there that just comes out of the tunnel before you hit the roundabouts there is no emergency lanes there and only a dual carriage way if it's the bit with the mountains on the side and the sea too other side I couldn't see them getting the traffic stoped there in time too get it called out cos it's like a cliff face one side and the sea and rail way tracks the other if it's the course of action they had too take i can't see rather a dead dog then a family growing up with out a mother or dad in my opinion

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It was 3am on a Monday morning. So it wouldn't have been real busy. The trouble is there a number of packs, registered and private/pirate in our area, so locating the correct huntsman would have taken some doing. I was there when the whole of the local mounted pack crossed the A55 about 11 am on a Saturday morning, they stopped the road no bother, no collisions or casualties. I believe the plod tasered a sheep not so long ago in the same area.

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