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Home Slaughter And Class 1 Animal Waste?

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hi all, I know a few people on here have done the home kill thing for there own consumption and im just wondering how you get rid of the class 1 animal waste? from what I can gather I need to keep the head, tonsils and spine separate and dye them blue, and then dispose of them as class 1 animal waste? (whats that?) do I take them to the tip and tell them what it is? or do I need to take it somewhere special? everything else I don't use can just be incinerated from what ive read and I can do that myself, its just the other bits that's confusing me. im talking last years soay lambs by the way not cattle or anything, id be lucky if they went 25-30kg live weight so not really fancying paying for the slaughter house, as they are only for my own freezer.

cheers ant

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I think that's a no no mate, I'd happily deal with the waste myself but I think as they are all tagged and therefore registered with defra I need to be able to prove where they have gone, and back it up with a paper trail if needs be? So if I did say that they were slaughtered at home, I'd need to prove the waste was disposed of properly.

If it was just one I suppose I could just write "lost" in the flock book lol but there's 5 to do, and if I did get inspected I don't no if they'd believe me ;)

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The local hunt kennels take fallen stock and often have waste bins that go for incineration/rendering You can see if they will take your waste and give a docket for the paper trail. It will cost but shouldn't be too expensive.


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