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Lynx Introduction Into The Uk - Have Your Say

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Hello all


As a few on here may know i run with my brother a hunting and countryside Podcast. We always have a huge array of topics being covered but in the coming weeks we will have Dr Paul O'Donoghue on the show. All details below. This is important as this Podcast will be used part of the public consultation.



We will be talking to Dr Paul O'Donoghue, Chief Scientific Advisor at the Lynx UK Trust about the proposed trial reintroduction of lynx to parts of Scotland and England. We want you to get involved.

Do you have concerns, questions or anything to say about the idea of lynx returning to our countryside? Dr O'Donoghue wants to hear what the fieldsports community thinks. Comment below or email podcast@paceproductionsuk.com - this is your chance to make your feelings known. The podcast will be used to contribute to the public consultation about the reintroduction project, so if you haven't responded already - now is your chance! (See here for more info:http://www.lynxuk.org/consultation/)

To listen to the shows for free use the links. Or search Pace Brothers - Into The Wilderness

Itunes (Apple)
Stitcher (Android)
Soundcloud (Desktop)

YouTube Channel

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Its amazing the Lynx trial is going ahead it would seem, i have had loads and loads of replys with concerns over this from other groups and this was your chance to have voices heard. Not one reply from anyone? Did i put this in the wrong category in here or do people not care or has everyone already voiced concerns somewhere else? If you stalk deer or have livestock, if you make a living from this you will be effected. Listen to the show and you will understand.


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I can't get me head round it being OK for a cat to hunt, kill and eat deer, which will be a man made situation the same as running a dog but its illegal for a dog to do the same and the owner to benefit from the meat.

Hmm how much is a Lynx to buy?


£1.79 a can at Wilko's

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I dont understand the money that will be thrown at this 'project' when it could be used to help the true Scottish Wildcat...

true , you prob find a lynx would wipe out the above in time, same as what the lions do to the cheetah's they kill them to be 1st in the food chain :yes:

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I would ask about the Lynx taking over the wild cat hunting areas. The wild cat is classed as an endangered species, so any threat to them must be classified as a definite no to the introduction of the lynx?

We asked that question in the show, the reply was that they live in different habitat so wont effect each other.

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Different habitat? Both eat much the same apart from deer that is too large for a wild cat.


It would put a lot of pressure on the remaining wild cat population, so it must be a no go.


Need to start to watch the pod cast.



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I dont understand the money that will be thrown at this 'project' when it could be used to help the true Scottish Wildcat...

Yep wonder how they react to foxes? But the Scottish wildcat will be extinct in no time :(


Lynx kill and eat foxes as a matter of course. They also have ranges of up to 200 square miles and cover 12 or 15 miles a day when hunting even when game is plentiful . This means any claims that they would control deer or hares are weak as the lynx's hunting pattern simply creams off a few animals over a large area. It also means I would have thought that they are bound to encroach on wildcat territories.

Bearing mind that young lynxes habitually kill their siblings to ensure survival of the fittest and reduce competition I doubt a wild-cat would be treated any differently. Foxes are said to avoid lynxes and I would guess wildcats would learn to do so as well ;which would reduce their territories and further reduce their likelihood of survival.

Any viable lynx population would need to be quite large to reduce inbreeding which is the bane of all feline populations but this would require massive areas to accommodate separate home ranges .

As mentioned, lynx kittens kill each other in the nest ; something that many a well-meaning contributor to the project might not like to hear of. Hence second-rate kits rescued from their tougher brothers and sisters are going to be pulled from the nest ,bottle reared and used for further breeding or released to the detriment of the wild population . They'll prob ably be radio tracked and artificially fed too . None of which adds up to a successful reintroduction of a species that has been extinct since prehistoric times and probably with good reason.

No doubt compensation will be offered to sheep farmers ,sporting estates and conservationists who lose animals and birds but money and replacement stock can't reduce the stress and worry placed on someone who has dedicated their life to rearing a flock or saving a rare but extant indigenous species.

Of course the instigators of the campaign for the introduction of the lynx will no doubt be hoping that public contributions and government grants will keep them employed on their pet project for many years to come .

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