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Anyone got any advice/tips on the best cover for a lurcher? I've had my fair share of vet bills in the past that have hit me hard in the pocket and was wondering if there's any decent insurance that's worth having to help out? Had a quick look but there seems to be different types for different illnesses and injuries, just wondered if you could get everything covered under one policy?

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I'm with asda for my lurcher they paid out straight away direct to the vet. Couldn't complain at all about them. Had the superior platinum life cover n was only £17 a month. It just says as long as your not using the dog for coursing but they not to know what the dog is bein used for.

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from pet plan


12:24:49 [terry] out of interest does it affect any thing if it was a working dog
12:26:45 [Reena] If your dog is getting paid for the work it does it would impact the policy. If the work is voluntary or a hobby it will not have an impact on the policy.

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You can just get the best policy that you want for your money they are handy things if your not confident in doing the small things your self or knowing how too do things I used too have a dog insured years ago but as you get older you start too realise you don't need the vet for the small stuff and it starts too become a waste of money in my eyes you could just stick a £10 a week in a jar and if anything serious happens break the jar open i

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Thanks folks. The small things I treat on my own, but others are out with my control and can cost a small fortune! Had a dog with twisted intestines and another that cut through his ligaments on glass I'm assuming, those were 2 costly operations so was more to cover things like that. As for smaller cuts etc I've seen enough to deal with on my own.

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Full insurance for my 2 was getting just too much for me, my old dog is 8 now and the policies go up in price by loads as the dog gets older.

I've now got accident only on my 2, and that costs 150 quid a year, I figure they are both mongrels so hopefully they'll stay fit well into old age.

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Don't insure with anyone other than pet plan. When you do, make sure you are on a lifetime policy as well not an annual one.


My missus is a vet nurse and they have issues with every other insurer there is with regards to not paying out for things that should be covered. Direct line are among the worst and they underwrite a lot of the other insurers too.



The problem with an annual policy is of you are unlucky enough to get hit with an ongoing condition they simply won't pay out on it in year 2 and beyond, then because it's a pre existing condition, no other insurer will pay out anything related to that condition (so arthritis or ligament damage in a leg that has a prior injury is putting you on dodgy ground.)


It is more expensive than other options but their lifetime coverage is the only insurance out there that will pay, and continue to pay with the most peace of mind.

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