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Tom's Deerhound/greyhound Pup

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For those that were asking to see the progress of my son TOM's pup,well he's 10 months old now and despite his size and tender age seems to be coming along just fine,typical D/H cross though very laid

You can see the pup make the classic mistake of over running the rabbit having to turn back completely on himself, the look of surprise said it all for me,WM    

A few more pics of the day,plenty of back up if needed, my mates 2 lurchers are quick on the rabbits but first they've gotta get past my terriers LOL's,nothing much gets away,WM  

Iv been out with Tom and his dog Finn. An he is going to make one hell of a dog! He has put a lot of time to this dog! and with his dad's help I think we will all be hearing a lot more of this dog over the coming seasons!

Hello James, I take it your the lad with the whippet from liverpool, you'll have to get out with us this weekend if you fancy it, plenty of rabbits to go at and the seasons coming to an end,call Tom and make the arrangements, WM

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nice looking young dog that , i never found size a prob with big dogs picking up rabbits, my young dog Buck 28in gets 20s most time out and had 36 rabbits when lamping, so size is no prob. But i will say even though he is 28in, his physic is a lot different to a long dog. he is more like my 1x collie x grey in shape, he not over rangy like long dogs are , if you see what i mean . these big dog will deff fill your freezer no prob :thumbs:

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