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Funny Joke Thread

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I see Asda are doing special chickens for single men on valentine's day! 😂




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Dwarf goes to the doctors "Every time it rains I get a rash on my fanny" Doc examines her lady-garden and there's no rash in sight. Dwarf insists it's only when it rains so the quack says, "Next time it rains, drop in for an appointment and I'll see what I can do"

Couple of days it's pissing down and the dwarf walks in like John Wayne. Doc immediately takes her through to the consulting room. He says, "I can now see what the problem is, I'll sort it right away" and lifts up a scalpel.
Dwarf shit's herself, "Is it that bad Doc, do I need immediate surgery?"
No, replies the GP, I'm just gonna trim a couple of inches off your wellies"

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