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Whose Ever Dropped A Bird In Flight?

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Not the done thing IMO

Nope. Never attempted it. So can hardly be surprised.   Years ago there was an air gun released that was like a shot gun, god knows what it was called, I know a friend of mine used one to good effec

had a go at a feral once, there was a large flock flying over an open field and me and a mate both took a pop shot into the flock, to our delight one fell into the field, however we soon realised it h

I remember a pump up crossman - 767 was it ? - .177 or bb we would put 3 or four bb`s in it after a thousand pumps and go for sparrows or starlings (in flight) which were vermin back in the mid 70`s :icon_redface: .

What a bag of she - ite that gun was ( plastic) :bad: and shot mostly nothing.


was that like the crossman 2100 tripple strike? wanted one for ages just for nostalgia only! look really interesting guns.


I remember the starling days when back when I lived on the farm and the sky used to be black with them in Tadcaster. but they came off the list in 2005? I cant believe how much they have declined. its really nice and unusual to see one even on the bird feeders now.

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How much does an air rifle pellet cost these days? :laugh:

Now, now laddie, I never said anything about what a pellet costs and saving money :whistling::laugh: Just don't like chucking good ammo away on pointless shots like running rabbits and flying birds! Besides, it only further spooks the quarry I'm after...


Fieldcraft laddie.Fieldcraft!! :D

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