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Rats R Us.

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Brilliant pics once again AT, dogs are a real credit to you

Can't take the credit for the dogs mate they belong to the lads,lol some of the best hunting I do is getting out with these, KevJ off here put the day on today so credit to him aswell, Treehands the kids still talk and ask about you now even though their all grown up now,haha great days mate atb AT
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Been that much water about a few of the earths were still flooded. At least we had a bit of sport around the slurry lagoon.

Very good day in good company.   115 rats in the bag an a bunch of stinking dogs.

Intended to do a bit of ratting on a local free range pig unit today, plenty rats about around the wood and sow units. Killed one rat under some logs , then a flash of red caught my eye an all hell b

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Nice one AT! On the alt I take it .

Top man still getting the kids out , a landing net is not just for "fish".




Yep Liked the use of the landing net as well. Yeah if only more kids could get out doing a bit of hunting with the dogs.

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Can't beat a bit of fast action ratting really gets the pulse racing.

Looks like your pack is having a great time treehands.

The wife's border x jrt.marked a stone a few days ago I flipped the stone over and she had a vole lol.

She's got to start some were I suppose lol

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