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Gamekeeping Experience Wanted & Poults In Cornwall

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I’m 37 years old and I currently work in IT and would very much like to pursue a career outdoors such as gamekeeping. I understand that gamekeeping means long hard hours, being alone and with low pay. I have worked alone in IT for long hours, but would much prefer to be outdoors alone! I see gamekeeping as adding value and doing something positive, not only for the countryside, but to one’s self.

I sincerely want to progress in a career in Gamekeeping. Rather than sit on my hands waiting for it to happen I have been proactive in gaining some experience in the tasks gamekeepers have to fulfil. I have been assisting local farmers and land owners with pest control, this has enabled me to gain character references and learn a lot about my quarry. Also this weekend I will be learning how to coppice and maintain a chainsaw. I’m looking for experience and will continue to volunteer to gain all the experience I need. Also i have purchased publications about gamekeeping, which has also given me valuable information.

I would like to assist a keeper when the shooting season finishes, so that I can learn what is involved in the build up to the new season. I live in Cornwall and I would love to gain some voluntary experience, but I don’t know of any game keepers near me? I was wondering if you would be able to help me find a gamekeeper in my area, or instruct on how best to find one? I live near Truro (St Agnes) and have a full CV, BASC insurance and references.

I have contacted the National Gamekeepers Org which were kind enough to put my request out. So far i haven't had a great response, the only response i have had is from syndicate shoot which is a hundred mile round trip. I think this is a bit too far to volunteer.

On a positive note, one of the landowners i have been doing pest control for has suggested i could keep pheasant on his land and gain experience by doing it myself.

The land is in a valley and has around one acre of pine and 1 arce of goat willow with around 5 acres of field. Theres so much scope for planting more trees and managing the land. I have started managing the woodland and putting steps in so its easy to access. I have all the materials ready for my pens and have researched, feed, medication for the birds. However, i'm struggling to find anywhere close to me which supply's poults? Can anybody help with this?

Thanks for your time


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Sounds like you are making a pretty good go at becoming a keeper as it is mate, that could be a good thing, there's some real rum characters out there masquerading as keepers, window lickers with unresolved whisky issues etc

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