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Neil Dewhurst

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it was effca , English farmers fox control association ,, there were quite a few members, myself included , but it went quiet a few years back , heard neil had split up with his wife , don't know if there was any truth in it or not ,,

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Thanks mate!!

Is there any other way of registering a small gun pack with any organisation?? Are you still registered? Cheers!!

that was as far as I know the only organisation,, as far as being registered I will be , unfortunately I don't have any contact info for neil

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Thanks guys!!!

If we join SACS or Countryside alliance, Will we be covered for flushing to guns & terrier work etc?


so long as you are operating within the law you will be covered,, sacs is the one to go for imo

See the post: Insurance, in the ferreting/general section.


Cheers, D.

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