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Collie Greyhound X Bull Greyhound

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Just said I'd liven up this trend up again 😁 collie bull greyhound dog, 5 year old in September.  Collie bull greyhound bitch pup, just gone 12 months this month 🤞

I run one mate i found i got the best of both breds with him but it depends on the dog if you get tge right one but they are a gandy tool i use him for foxes mainly mate

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I have one his keen as hell. Great nose and bright dog too. His a good ferreting buddy and pulls off some great catches on the lamp.

Down sides I have struggled with sheep but will get there, he was possessive but getting much better, plonker around other dogs but going great there now.

He don't retrieve as of yet.

In fairness all the down sides are more than likely my fault and I like him a lot :thumbs: His litter mates are all working well as far as I know









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you's guys that have owned this type, do you's prefer grey/bull with a touch of collie or a collie/grey with a touch of bull or dose it not matter?

id prefer more collie than bull :thumbs:

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