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Lutra Lutra

Certain Topics Of Interest. Book Titles.

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I am an avid reader when time isn't too precious. I thought I'd ask our readers if they have read certain titles in which I have them in my collection. I am very cautious to which material I read due to certain people who have tendentious policies towards all fieldsports. I think many of my fellow sportsmen will agree not to buy certain books by Authors who are totally Anti- Hunting. However, the 2 titles in question written by prominent Authors upon their lifetimes study of the (Badger). The first title simply called (Badger) by Timothy Roper from the New Naturalist series and the second book published by Poyser called Badgers. Of course these Authors will be simply on the side of the Badger, but both books in my opinion deserve to be read by all interested parties. Both books being very informative, remarkable information about Badgers. It would be of great interest to hear of any other readers who have the books in their own private collection or to someone who has read the books. Also briefly onto a totally different topic concerning clothing. Has any readers ever used the Woolpower clothing?It is made in Sweden and is extremely warm, made from mainly the merino wool from the long hair of sheep.Even when damp or wet, the wool still provides extreme warmth. I also use the Paramo gear mainly for walking. Nowadays there is so much scope to pick from and I often think in what we wore when youngsters.'How times have changed"!

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