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Viht N130 For .204 Wat Loads??????

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Have some n130 gonna used it for first 100 shots to break new rifle in and expand brass to chamber.


But cant find any load data using 39gr sierras.....

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Geoff managed to find 1 load...N130 MAX 23.3grs, Fill 96%, Burn 100%, 3564 FPS,COL 2.220 .This is off the firing line.com done with Quickload.(Remember to start @ 10% less)


Only Viht I use is N140.It's better for the 50gr heads in my gun 1 in 10 twist running sweetly @ 3400fps with very little ES.I got a very accurate 35gr load with it but only running @ 3500fps :unsure: I'll be putting 40gr Vmax over it this summer to see what develops :hmm:

IMO the Viht needs to be compressed for the best results & most accurate .204 hand loads are at the top end of the data.

Enjoy running in the .204 it's a great little calibre,opens things up real nice :thumbs:.

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I will have to check that website out


The boy that shoot .204 at my local gun club swear by cfc223 powder most consistant for speed and accuray over viht and hodgens


So im gonna use the viht n130 to expand the beass to chamber then try the cfc223


Viht website and my reloading books tell me to use n133 for 204


Took seven months to get the rifle in the country will have to wait another 6 months to get it on my license :(

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When I had my factory 1 in 12 twist barrel on mine I tried with the RL10X to get the 39's going...great velocity however never quite made the grade group wise & I tried every possible COL up to 2.330 & I was never really happy .Then I jumped onto the 35g Bergers with H322 & then the gun started to shoot :thumbs: .


Be aware that the Alliant RL10X is temperature sensitive & a very,very dirty powder.CFE never used it but it's got good feedback from the states.

My choice for the 40gr Vmax is H4895,very steady powder & clean. BLC-2 is great for velocity but as my shooting partner found out it gives very little warning as you ramp up towards a hot load :icon_eek: .


Check out the Ruger .204 website Geoff,99% USA shooters but a goldmine of info,if you need any info drop me a PM .Regards,Andy :thumbs:

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Sounds like u have tried a few different loads good info tho


[BANNED TEXT] i first loaded for my .223 i tried viht n130 as it came in the 1kg tubs


Straight of the bat i tried 4 different bullets soerra blitz 50gr and 55gr lapua soft point 55gr and sierra varminter lead tip the lapua were the best averaging a 12mm group at 100m messed with oal but never noticed any difference

was told that custom rifles like the oal varied to fit the gun more so than a factory rifle could be bullshit but im no professional by an means

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The .204 has that much freebore that you'll be very unlikely to jam into the lands anyway.I've always loaded to SAMMI spec 2.250"(39gr & 40gr) & fiddled around with COL but as you said no difference to be had really.However for the 35g over N140 I dropped to 2.230 COL & got very good groupings however the speed was not there which is needed IMO for the lighter heads.


After trawling through the reloading sections of nearly every website the best info I found was a American fella who posted that all he did was go to the first compressed powder load,with the fastest speed in the data for that particular bullet & start 1full grain under,work his way up in 0.2 increments & he'd find what he was looking for there.


I followed that advice & found my 40grVmax & 50gr Berger loads within them parameters,Saved a lot of time & money for me after a couple of years of trying every sort of powder,heads,COL,primers,etc.

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