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Woodcock Hunting Video Ireland

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Hi All,


I was off work all last week, always take a week off at the start of December to get a bit of woodcock shooting done. Unfortunately, the temperamental Irish weather meant I didn't get out as much as I would like; however, I did get out 3 days and I managed to capture some footage from my outings.


Day 1: Was a little late starting on this day as the weather was very poor in the morning but I had a good idea it was going to dry up in the afternoon. In total I flushed 8 woodcock on this day (including 3 from one whin bush!!!), but I only got a shot at 3 and I bagged them all. It was very windy so it made for testing shooting, bird 3 seemed like it had been shot out of a cannon it was going so quick!!! My cocker spaniel Dinky worked very well this day.


Day 2: Dinky got a rest this day (don't like working a dog 2 days on the trot), so my Springer Spaniel Dawn joined us. The unpredictable Irish weather continued with bright sunshine the order of the day. Only flushed 4 birds with 1 offering a shot & being added to the bag.


Day 3: Was steady rain all day and myself & Dinky got soaked!!! Only 1 woodcock again this day.


Anyway I hope you all like the video. Sorry about all the slow-mo's, but I think it is sometimes difficult to make out woodcock in the video, so hopefully they are easier to spot on slow-mo.




Please don't forget to like my video and subscribe to my channel for more videos in the future:



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How flipping annoying that little black speck on your lens. Thought everytime it was a bird.

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