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What Smartphone Apps Do You Guys Use?

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Deermapper (www.deermapper.net), a digital hunting diary. It's a web app in combination with a smartphone app (Android or iOS).

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Strelok Pro ballistic app when used together with my LRF make it point and shoot on the rabbits

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Hi All,

Trimble hunt pro is now in its "sunset" phase. I'm assuming it will fold once this time has elapsed.


Can anyone point me in the right direction - I'm looking for a set of hunting icons for use with the Viewranger app. They need to be in the following format 22x22 pixels, 8 bit and .png files

Thanks in advance

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The bounce app is very handy,saved me a few times when ive dropped the phone . lol

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predetor calls, go pro ,sunday world,police scanner app / herself has this baby heart monitor app were she can hold the mic part of her phone to her tummy picking up new babys heart beat

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BBC weather

Moon phase

UK Tides with s/rise/set

Predator calls

Sea Fish sizes

Rabbit Pro caller



Hawke BRC

Tilt meter

Seek thermal


UK & Holland Navionics

www.nightvision forum

The hunting life

Pigeon Watch

Airgun BBS


Lots of other non fishin/shootin apps like F1 etc

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