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Association Of Working Lurcher/longdogs ( Awl )

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This is a recent article written by Alan Tyer .   Alan is the Chairman of the AWL , some may of read a more streamlined version in the Countrymans Weekly.         The Association of Lurcher C

I was involved in the start with the other club but through work commitments and my wife needing 5 operations this year I just didn't have time to give to another project so I pulled out fairly early

Hunting is not a blood sport it's a sport that's in your blood ! Happy hunting

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I'm dodging nothing and have definitely not kissed ass (sic)..


I've all the time for anyone genuine intrest..


Your misinformed telling me what I want..


Your another one quick to hurl the insults? it does not help you make the point, it only demonstrates the strength of your argument..


If you wish your concerns to be addressed, feel free to email the AWL....




You wish to know more about the club's progress and have an issue with the code of conduct ? ?



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hope the a w l goes well and you keep getting good articles and hunting stories from men who are wiling to roll there sleeves up and not bicker about things , its just a start it could get bigger as we are in the e u european working dog society , now that would be some clout , to give the antis something to think about , i hate antis who want to piss in youre garden as i dont piss in theres ,i like the usa answer to them in some states pull them in your garden and do whatever lol


we have lost alot of outr rights beacause we were not organised enough , and they through tit bits to the richest with the most land , grouse shooting commercail pheasant shooting , but theyll be next to get lobbied, hopefully not

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NOT IN MY NAME , no thanks ..let me guess a few shows , lure chasing ,a few articles and a meeting with the plum mouthed weaklings at the country alliance.. whats their latest campaign rural bus stops ? you don't , or won't , represent me .. better to call yourself giros lurcher club..anyway i'll let you get on with your ' best practice ' report..

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Thanks for sharing your point of view..


Your very clear on what you don't like..


Could you shed some more light on what you'd like from a Working lurcher association ? ?



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giro you represent no one but yourself ..what would i do .. not start a dumb arse club in the first place but the question is what will you do , beside going to ' talk 'to timid tim ,what are you and your club going to do ? you've got your name , want £ 11 for what ? .. a news letter ? were there ten of thousands asking you to start this club , if so you should have ten of thousands of members, how many members so far ? how many lurcher men are members of the countryside alliance ? i'll let you use both hands ! call it giros jolly lurcher club no problems but a w l sounds like you represent most running dog lads and that , has your membership numbers will prove, is utter bullshine... anyway has tim will tell you ,you must write a best practice sheet and lets get our rural bus stops cleaned.. cop on to yourself giro

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Tracy, You clearly have a grievance , please put it in writing via the e mail facility on the face book page of the AWL, from either of Your accounts will do, or any one who uses those accounts.


if You wish to cc the Countryside Alliance, that's fine.


But please refrain from making a personal attack on Giro.


Jayne ( AWL ) Sec.

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To address a few of your points.. (You've lost me with the bus stop one)


This is not my club and I'm not "running the show". I've helped out with a few things, the main one providing content for the Web page.


THe association and our goals are shared by many..


The CA are a massive driver for a repeal of the hunting act and very committed to protecting feildsports and hunting with dogs.


Many lurcher owners are members of the CA..


When the hunting council meet and are discussing hunting and our future, we will have club representative involved with that said discussion with the lurcherman's intrests at the top of their agenda..


You might think a club serves no purpose and to some at the moment it likely won't. .


However there will be a bigger picture one day..


What we have now will change at some point, it can go either way. When hunting with dogs are threatened more by the likes of the RSPCA,LACS or the labour government who will we be looking to then ??


It's our future to fight for..


Our sport is mainly ran on the good will of others and that good will is being damaged by those who blatantly go out tearing across feilds in 4x4s killing anything they can..


We need to demonstrate best practice and show lurcher work in a light that it deserves.


I will "cop on" as lurcher work is something that im very passionate about and I'm prepared to do anything I can to help secure its future..


If you have any other thoughts or solutions. .


Please don't hesitate to get in touch..






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