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Association Of Working Lurcher/longdogs ( Awl )

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This is a recent article written by Alan Tyer .   Alan is the Chairman of the AWL , some may of read a more streamlined version in the Countrymans Weekly.         The Association of Lurcher C

I was involved in the start with the other club but through work commitments and my wife needing 5 operations this year I just didn't have time to give to another project so I pulled out fairly early

Hunting is not a blood sport it's a sport that's in your blood ! Happy hunting

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Since the AGM has occured, have there been any changes? And given some of the renewed interest in "the fight for lurcher work" on here, would it be possible for an AWL executive committee to give an update/overview of the AGM and the role of the AWL going foreward. It may help clarify a few issues and unknowns for potential new members

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All very cryptic but..........





contact their MP.... you need to explain and give some guidance!!!


Some letter examples etc make it easy for people to do something, talk to them, advertise what you want and enable people to do it.



Get out of the ivory tower and communicate with lurcher owners........its not rocket science!

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Er arh a starter for ten, you have a member on the hunting council?? What have they done so far?? Face book etc is currently full of people off to the shows, many of which will be hunt lurcher/terrier shows, how’s about the council member getting the hunts to agree to a class supporting the AWL at all these shows??? Free advertising for the club and a chance to get people email addresses, (perfect for future campaigns i.e. some twit puts a video on the TV about lurchers that portrays an unfair picture, you email everyone to ask, would you mind taking 5 mins to email them to complain? Add link and maybe a sample complaint letter and bobs your uncle.) don’t even need to be members just on an email list that can be engaged for support……


Gottta make it a special class that people want to win, get a final at one of the big shows for all winners, speak to a few big shows and get the best to hold the AWL championship…..

Get a trophy for each show and really big it up, don’t need to be expensive better a little odd in fact. Few years back went to the Crewkerne show and they had the most awful stuffed hares head for winner of the working class, bloody awful but different and people wanted to win it for the year. So get people to donate trophies, either cups or odd sporting stuff like that hares head. When we looked at starting a club one of the main points was local clubs affiliated to the main one and each could have come up with a trophy of some sort and set up AWL classes at all local shows handing out leaflets etc. advertising is key if no one knows you exist you might as well not.

With your membership so low you need to spread the appeal from solely working to those who are more show oriented but will be the easiest to appeal too. I would be happy to supply a prize to the local show if they held a class and I’m sure many other would as well but, and it’s a big but, people need to see some action on your part to get out there, if you’re not willing or able to do so to step away.

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There’s also, getting dogs registered with the AWL, basically enter a class and if the judge recons the dog is well kept and healthy it gets the AWL approval, don’t need to win anything just gets registered, name, owners name and email get registered with the AWL :thumbs: . incentive of it can then be entered into online show and or a class in a local end of summer show just for those who are registered.…… big shows can have a class solely for AWL registered dogs, work towards getting all dogs and owners registered, would be thousands…….. plus you can then say you are promoting good lurcher ownership and husbandry. :toast:

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