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Amazing Things You Have Saw While Out In The Field

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We were on our pheasant shoot for the first time this season at the weekend. Was a very warm clear day & the shooting wasn't great as the dogs were knackered.


Our shoot runs along the coast & the scenery is amazing. All of a sudden we look out into the sea and there is a massive pod of porpoises making their way up along the coast. They were breaking the water at regular intervals and they were spread out over a big area, some of them were beside the shore, some of them were at least 100 yards out. I can't imagine how many there was but I'm sure there was 100+.


I was wearing my headcam and hopefully i captured some of the footage, but I may have been too far away. I'm going to start editing the footage tonight, so we will see.


What special unique things have you saw in the field?

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