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A Way To Repair A Broken Switch On Ferret Finder

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I was repairing a couple of ferret finder switches as i have done before with good success. I thought i would take a few pics as i went along. The switches on the deben grey boxes are not the best, i

The washer  

The little screw is 10ba thread mostly used in electrical gear.   Cheer Arry

Heres a link for a switch ebay number 381328371288

Not sure if those are the right value. I bought a few off ebay though on the ferret finder page, Fitted a few now and they do work. Some times its worth cleaning that switch by take the yellow disc carefully off ( which is under there wheel )and use a cotton bud and some electrical cleaning fluid or some mentholated spirt might do it.


If you are getting a lot of interference its usually that switch.




On those it has B5K written on them which probably means 5K ohms = 5000 ohms I think, I'm no expert though.


Cheers Arry.

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I think they are 50k ohms which = 50000ohms


And the if B5K (which is printed on the replacements I bought and I know they work) means 5K ohms = 5000ohms. K = 1000


B5K is all I had to go on and I can't find any think on line with those numbers.


I'm no expert though but I've fitted 3 in different boxes they all work now.


Cheers Arry

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Good fix mate thanks for sharing with us.


Does anybody have or know where I can get the trimer resistor that has 100 written on it. it is a adjustable resistor there are 2 on the board and are different values, these adjust the distance but it is tricky.


Cheers Arry


The size of the timmers are 100R and 1M.


1M are readily available and cheap



100R are harder to find and dearer


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