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A Couple From Today

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Thought I'd post today's outing ..having got every thing loaded last night I started out at 6 and was on the ground by 6 .15 , nice and local . Had a quick coffee before the off while waiting for enough light , there are normally so many deer about if you try to set of to early all you do is bump them .The first bunch were only a couple of hundred yards from were I parked the van , all doe's and fawns apart from a single pricket way out of range with no chance of getting over to him I moved down the slope , into a ditch and worked my way down to the back of the offices to the deers favourite early morning field , again plenty of deer but all the wrong model ! No boys ...As I worked down the ditch even a deaf old boy like me could here a buck grunting away , 15 min later I could see his head sticking up from a hollow about 170 m away , huge animal and one I recognised from last year he was safe , not so a couple of prickets and a couple of poor looking young bucks .All sparing and stamping about trying to impress the dozen or so doe's around the big boy , who every few minutes shooed of the youngsters .

45 min later I'm still in the ditch watching the going on's , still unable to get a clear safe shot I inched my way out of the ditch to try and get a little hight advantage when a bark gave me away , a couple of doe's unseen by me kicked of barking big time , that was me done ..decided to cut my losses , go back to the motor and get the quad and check out the bottom woods , the plan was to leave the quad tucked in the wood and stalk through against the wind and come out two fields below the rutting stand ..as I turned into the wood a really good young buck was standing there , not 35 m away , he never moved , just stood there ..he stood long enough for me to lean forward , take the iPad out of the front box , take a couple of pics and a little video ..again to good for a 6.5 , their are enough poor animals about without taking the good ones ..

Working through the wood I managed to get almost to the chosen field when a melanistic Buck gave his self away by trashing a bush , a few minutes later i had got close enough without giving the game away , quite difficult when every thing is crunching underfoot , to put the dot on him , at only 50m and leaning on a fallen tree he never new what hit him ..checked I bled him out and left him for later .

I carried on up to the intended field , nothing , as it was still fairly early I decided to just sit and wait and see if anything wandered out .An hour later a couple of prickets crossed the field , not stopping they went in about 200m to my right , if they turned towards me they might just filter through to were I was ...I waited , ten minutes later I had one of them in the scope , a split second later he was down ..post-81636-0-78361500-1445282781_thumb.jpeg..called it a day on the stalking and spent the rest of the day moving and repairing high seats ...both deer gralloched and tagged in the cold room at 67lb and 88lb ...will put other pics up

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That's why I posted Matt , I was gutted I never had the proper camara for that buck , the iPad couldn't do him justice .The big buck I watched for 45 min is a stunner as well I'm out again Wednesday I'll try and get a picture of him .

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Nice write up Sussex. You're one of the few that keep this site about actual hunting. :laugh:


Do you ever get to stalk much other than Fallow?

I normally manage half a dozen roe a season Born , I don't have that many on my places so tend to let them be . I do the occasional trip up to Jockland for the Reds but as you can see the fallow are the mainstay .

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