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Hunting In Spain

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My girlfriends mum has had a place in spain for 6 or 7 years but has sold up and moved back here . She is going out with a london bloke who has a house in the same town as her old place . Me and my girlfriend have never met the man before so sometime next year us and the kids are off over to his place for a weeks holiday with my future mother in law and her new boyfriend . Needless to say apart from the sun im not bouncing happy about it , a week with the mother in law isnt top on my holiday list but my girlfriend wants it and we havnt been abroad for 7 years so it will be nice for the kids . Anyway , i have zero idea how hunting abroad works etc . As ive said in previous posts im not a seasoned huntsmen in the mould of most on here , its basically been me and my rifle for the last 10 years hunting on my own so i dont have a large circle of hunting mates to get info from . As my girlfriend knows all to well im not up for this holiday and that to keep me on side and in a pleasent mood for the whole week she will have to give a little , i fancy cashing my brownie point chips in and trying to get a few nights walking around the country side hunting . Is there anybody on here that knows anything about hunting in spain . The little village is called Hondon De Los Frailes in the province of alicante . Its out in the wilds . As far as getting a rifle over there i think it shouldnt be a problem . When my mother in law lived there before with her old husband he was advised by the spanish locals to buy a rifle incase of bandits coming over to steal their figs (sounds a bit medievil i know but thats what i was told) . If i had time in advance to plan it i could ask the new boyfriend if he had a rifle or could get his hands on one . Tbh i just fancy a wander around the countryside and shoot a few rabbits if possible . Is their anybody on this site from spain i could pick their brains

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What region??


All have different rules but in all regions you have to register for a hunting licence and a gun license (not a big issue if you have one in blighty). Then there's the areas set aside for hunting and then there's the private areas set aside lol it can get complicated :laugh:

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