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The distinction is a good trainer doesn't start training until they are at the very least that age.


It all depends on what you want. If you want a manageable half trained 1yr old then start early. If you want a fully developed well trained adult, Let it be a pup. But keep it out of trouble. It's all about sacrifice and fitting them into your life. I do understand nobody wants the house pet to be totally wild at 10months though. It's sacrifice. :-)


Sometimes the hardest thing is just letting them group up. :-)


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There is training, and there is conditioning. I prefer to condition a pup to certain things; recall and hup to the whistle. I start these pretty early. As soon as the pup comes home we start working on recall, and hup. Once the pup does both well in the house, and yard I start to overlay the whistle with the appropriate pip before giving the command. Before you know it the pup will start to recall or hup on the whistle in anticipation of the command. As the pup gets older and can handle a bit more pressure you can ramp it up and add distractions.

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Surely leaving a dog until 10 months before any training is undertaken is recipe for disaster,at 10 months the pup will have already developed bad habbits and im sure it would create more training/ behaissues for the dog than is necessary. Every person i know who is involved with gundogs from trialling to beating installs conditioning into their pups, this does not stop the pup being a pup or produce half trained 1yr olds, it just means that the basics are in place for when training starts. Not knocking your way if it works for you then great but id be too scared of ruining a perfectly good dog!!

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There are no rules in dog training. What works for one won't work for another. But I sure as Hell wouldn't wait until the pup was 10 months old before starting training. It would as others have said be made aware of what it can and can't get away with, and learned the basics of away, stop and recall. As for whistles; the only thing that matters is consistency. Same with any command.

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