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David Phillips

Beater Looking For Suffolk Shoot

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Silky and I have moved from Wiltshire to Woodbridge Suffolk and are now getting itchy feet.


She is now ten and so not quite as fast as her master (who is only 70).


Before we left, I created a book (using Blurb.co.uk and snaps by shoot members) of the shoot for members and the regulars in the Calley Arms (between Marlborough and Swindon) where the country brigade can be found (especially on a Friday evening).


If you have a place, Please let me know.








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    • By Paul Van Diplock

      My name is Paul, i am 20 years old and i am from Grimsby in Lincolnshire.

      I have recently had an interview for a Gamekeeping Apprenticeship at Bishop Burton college in Yorkshire and I have been offered a place so long as i can find employment but being in the north east Lincolnshire area Gamekeepers seem to be few and far between, i have contacted the major local estate (brocklesby estate which is owned by the Earl of Yarborough) and some smaller estates ran by farmers and the only replies i seem to be getting are "we aren't looking to employ anyone else" which is fair enough but also rather disappointing but hey, what can you do.

      I am posting here to see if there are any people out there that may know someone that could take me on or actually take me on themselves in or around the Grimsby area?(30 mile radius)

      I have experience in:

      - organised shoots as I was a beater at my local shoot (no gamekeeper, it is ran by volunteers)

      - pest control as I often shoot pigeons and rabbits for the local farmer.

      - Handling rifles and shotguns

      I can drive so transport is no problem. I am looking to work within a 25-30 mile radius of Grimsby.

      The employer has a possibility of gaining a £1500 grant if they take me on which is provided by the college (the government have the final say however as it goes through them + Terms and conditions apply)

      I am willing to do trial runs

      I can do voluntary work to gain experience.

      If there is anyone out there that will be able to help me it would be more than appreciated.

      If anyone has any offers or information then please contact me via my email - Pldiplock@gmail.com

    • By ballywardshoot
      Hi All
      We are now entering our third season in NI and we are always on the look out for reliable guys and girls to assist us with the dogging-in duties at the shoot.
      Does anyone else have any tips on how to build a reliable and consistent team to help with the beating line and dogging-in?
      Likewise any one who would be interested in speaking to us about some dog work should pm me or contact us via email.
      Payment is in kind in form of beaters day, good camaraderie and lunch on shoot days
    • By S33DYJ
      Hi there,
      I am in the process of applying for my shotgun and firearms certificates and have a few air rifles but have been around the sport and lifestyle my entire life, and I'm keen to get involved further, so I'm offering my services for free help with beating, gamekeeping, pest control etc.
      I don't have much experience at the moment but I pick things up quickly and enjoy learning about all aspects of the outdoors lifestyle. I'm a 24 year old economics student with a lot of free time, both weekdays and weekends and I live in Morpeth, Northumberland so if there's anyone relatively near requiring any help, get in touch here and I'd be happy to lend a hand, I'm not scared of a days hard work and I don't mind getting my hands dirty either
    • By Hugh Wilton
      As we are all to aware the season is almost here, and in some places has already started.
      Due to the shoot I worked on closing down at the end of last year, I am looking for a new shoot to work.
      I have been beating and picking up for the last 3 years and have an English Springer and a Cocker Spaniel who both work well.
      Ideally I would like to find a small friendly shoot in the East Sussex area who shoot at the weekends.
      If anybody can help I would be very grateful for a PM.
    • By Luke 'Lavos' Jenkins
      I am looking for some beaters/picking up for a syndicate walked shoot in conway north wales, to work every other Friday. We will provide lunch 'on the go' and some light supper and also £25-£30 per day