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Red Mite In Chicken Coop

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A friend has been asking for a solution to red mite in chicken coop and on the chickens, they have tried various powders from farm supply shops but not working.I have never kept chickens, so cant give much advice


So far have suggested going over the wood with a propane burner to kill mites in the coop.


Are there any other sensible ideas other than eat the chicks etc


Cheers :thumbs:

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I have just tried diotom off eBay it's a powder, and cheap, cleaned shed out and scattered it all over, dusted very lightly on birds, put some in there little dusting spot, and it seems to have worked, fingers crossed I think it's called diotamacious Earth, good for dogs too apparently,

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The best mite treatment I've ever used was duramitex but they stop selling off the shelf but you can still get it off ebay if not got to feed shop and ask for harkermitex does the same job put about quater bottle in to a bucket of loot warm water and dunk the hole bird in to solution then leave to dry then spray the cabin with the same stuff you shouldn't have a problem with mite anymore hope this info helps

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