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What A Shame......

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......there, there, never mind ! Let's all wipe away a tear.......   Two Britons killed in RAF Syria strike, PM tells MPs - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34178998

I will say a prayer for them tonight.......                                     Please God may they burn in hell for eternity while being permanently raped by a gang of saddleback p

I'm very thankful these special operations don't go through parliament. While the politicians are arguing over the rights and wrongs of killing threats to the nation the wrong side of a border, the th

Theres going to be alot of attacks in this country soon i'd imagine with the amount of ISIS fighters sneaking in.


Well, at least there's two less to carry them out now.......every cloud and all that !


The heathen from Cardiff was planning attacks on these shores, and when the opportunity arose the RAF lit him up ! Well done, chaps !

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"Directing murder"

Two years ago MPs rejected possible UK military action in Syria, but last September approved British participation in air strikes against IS targets in Iraq only.

However, officials said the UK would "act immediately [in Syria] and explain to Parliament afterwards" if there was "a critical British national interest at stake".

Funny that, just what i said earlier in the other thread...................and Shepp doesn't believe we are getting manipulated, well some of us :laugh:


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