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Anyone Heard Of This Kind Of Big Game Dog

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hey you all wanted to ask if anyone has heard of a dog doing this on the hunt I was readying were a guy had his dog with him and it would set by his side and when game was coming in to were he was at the dog would let him know he did not say how the dog did it and after the shot the dog would blood track to find the game just what to ask if anyone has head of this it would be a cool dog to have that could do that were a lot of the hunting we do is over bait or game calling

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Its not a specific breed.


Most breeds of dog can be trained to do this. Most common are labradors and GWP/GSP. There are several good books about this. Google deer stalking dogs.

Hep. Most versatile hunting dogs can do this. But some of the herding/working dogs like GSD, Dutch, and Belgian Shepherds could serve as well.

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try a kelpie,we got a kelpie x that will sit and stare hard at deer without budging,even if they scent you and run off,Ive taken a shot and dropped game and she just twitches but doesnt run in....Shes sat and watched some run over the brow of the glen or hill and wait for to be told to fetch,she then takes off and finds downed quarry,not as good as a GWP I expect but shes done it enough times to impress me.

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Hi you all sorry it been so long since I have been on but good to know people know what I mean just I was thinking that deer stacking dog want out and hunted up the deer not staying with the hunter but I would like to know what kind of working dogs have done the work that I have heard like this

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