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Shooting Over Public Footpaths

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Hi, I've just got a new permission and it has quite a few public footpaths running through it, what precautions have you, or do you take when shooting over public footpaths, both sides of the land bordering the pathway are withing the permission. thus far I've decided to inform the police when shooting there and have printed some "caution shooting in progress" signs to place on each end of said footpath. I know I have to stop shooting when people are using the footpath, handy that two of us will be shooting from different hides and have walkie's to keep in touch and an eye on the pathway, what if anything else would you do?

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Well dodgy advise aye dont shoot anybody ;)


definitely not my intention to do so, its not actually a footpath from A to B but rather a tributary from the main path that does a circuit of two fields, I don't think it's particularly well used, never saw anyone on it while i was checking the permission out, but that's not to say it could be used, i've seen where people have sighted hides in the past so it's been shot over before.

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Whilst I wouldnt advocate this normally, I would phone the police when you go, advising them of your mobile and where you will be - get an incident no. If anyone gets uppity about you shooting and rings the police you can confirm its ok rather than them send someone out - also, check precautions you are planning with them and add any they request. Doing this will place you on their good side for the future.

Good shooting

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Some members of the public are so ignorant when it come to country ways, calls to the police I wonder of there intentions at times.I remember but this was a very long time ago on a National Trust park with working farmland on it as well, a polite notice that said,(This park has a working Farm on it and you will here the occasional gun shot),Maybe notices need to go back up,save police a lot of there precious resources and time.And maybe cut down on these sometimes dubious calls with I think have other motives.

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same thing happened to me stalker only it was a fox shoot with hounds had some lads up from cumbria doing the hounds and i had sorted the guns all was going well next thing i got a call from farmer saying the police were in the yard with him so made my way down from the hill we were on only to find armed response and both ends of the road blocked with police vans and a helicopter fast approaching all because some one had phoned reporting gunshots once the farmer and i had explained what we were doing they started checking all the gun licenses then moved on to the vehicles we were in i to was given a phone number to phone if we were shooting there again but was told the same thing if a report comes in about gunfire they have to attend it totally ruined the day and could have cost me my permission if the farmer had decide he didnt need the hassle so not being negative brucemyster but be careful because they wil always be some do gooder ready to lift the phone atb

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