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Leg Stretch For A Retired Bitch

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Went out to help lift the shovel with a buddy and his jrt. Brought my retired patt along for the walk. Walked for a good hour or so with nothing around but deer and bunnies until we came to a den by a tree hopefully holding. The russell goes in and runs the earth for a bit but nothing home so we keep moving. While later we come to another bit that looks like a den, looks fairly easy so I decide to send in the patt. Bitch makes contact shortly after and starts raising hell so we find her and get to digging. After about a quick 20 minute dig we break through and shes working a bit off the coon. Coon makes a run for it, she follows after and her and the jrt catch. That russel did a hell of a job finishing the coon, crazy little dog.


After this the jrt also dug a possum, fairly uneventful as possum dont really do much but hes a good little dog my buddies got.

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Will be hunting the bitch some more this week. had retired her early due to a string of bad dog fights she got into but the layoff seemed todo her good

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