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Can Anyone Help?

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Just wondering if anyone could help. I got a male harris at the beginning of the year, he came from a very late clutch so I ended up with him at an odd time of year to get a harris (if that makes sense). A couple of months down the line he fractured his leg ( which cost me a pretty penny at the vets, I would have just put him down to save money but my working animals and birds mean more to me than that). As a result of this he was left to rest for a couple of months after his leg had healed and consequently started to moult out. So now I have no bird to fly and a lot of reasons that I need a bird to fly including loss of permission if I don't keep on top of rabbits etc.

If anyone could direct me towards someone who may be able to help me out with a ready trained hawk (harris, gos or redtail) as I really do need a bird to fly! Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cant pay a huge amount but I am prepared to pay something towards a bird, and I certainly am not expecting anything free!!!!!!

Any help would be appreciated.


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It depends on what you are wanting to spend mate on what breed you are looking for asap

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Was looking for a harris, gos or redtail...... was happy to pay 200-300 quid depending on what was on offer, I have been offered a female harris, going to look at her tomorrow ;)

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