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Terrier Bedding

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Disinfected and cleaned with hypochlorite your beds should never smell

I use shavings an change them once a week...depends on the dog

always use shavings. a couple inch deep in summer. winter do the same but add shredded paper on top of the shavings. dogs have being fine like this even in the coldest conditions.

Do you lads that use shavings not find you end up with shit loads in the runs. Especially when you have dogs with a jacket it must stick to them when there in and out of there bed boxes.

Id be worried about to much going down the drain.

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vet bed is the best i have tried, easy washed, quite hard material even if you have a constant chewer. the only thing that i didnt like about shavings was that the dogs would take their meat back into thier beds and the meat would get caked in it, didnt like it and cant be good form them eating it. ok if you one or two and feed them outside their runs but it did not work. also drains a right bas%$£d for blocking them!

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My mate gets it in bulk. I think maybe from dog track up in Swindon? I have seen it on a cpl of online sites but can't comment on the quality as it may be different to the stuff I'm using. Shavings I'd personally not use as you don't know what dust your dogs breathing in?

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