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Take mine long walks free running and treadmill mine looking good probably step it up on treadmill now they have started to cut

im doing the same how long on the mill are you giving them? I give my dog 2.5-3 miles and a hour walk in the morning and a walk at night do you think the 2.5 - 3 miles on the mill is enough or should I give him abit more?


I walk mine a hour in morning then pre set my treadmill at a set speed to make the dogs trot when on the mill and for 30 mins each dog don't no how far it is with only giving them 30 mins on it

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Used to run 7 mile 3 times a week with a terrier and lurcher on the roads so the dogs where always on a lead, one night a cat ran down the street and the dogs decided to change from a leisurely jog to

out with electric bike and dog....it braw and she loves it  

I bike to work twice a week with mine. It's about 4 miles with a split of roads an tracks. He will trot to the side of the bike fine. The rest is daily walks and mooch out with other dogs so they can

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I've tried the bike before and come off when the bull x went after a squirrel, do you think the wheaton is ok to jog 3 miles 3 times a week?


I done the same straight over the handlebars and broke my wrist lol

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I used to run a terrier 3-5 miles (depending on how tired I was) a few times a week and he'd be stopping to sniff and then sprinting back ahead of me, stopping again and then catching me up again and would do this throughout the run. He would be knackered by the end but as soon as he got home he'd be bouncing round the house, too much energy!

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Neil it was the bull x and the squirrel, the wheaton is just wired in different ways alright one minute nervous the next

I quoted the wrong post. I meant to quote the one where you said the wheaten would nail something.

A wheaten terrier shouldn't be nervous and I'd be wary of one that is.

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works on 25,5 volt battray ...u can pedal and get assited power or you can be really lazy and dont pedel atall and let bike do work..comes in very handy in head winds and hills..i like it cos it folds up nice for back of motor or in house i can store it away in cupboard

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