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You Dont Get If You Dont Ask

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So here goes.......


Hi All


I'm looking for some pigeon decoying, I'm based in Mansfield (NG20) and willing to travel up to 60 Miles for the right land.

I shoot with an PCP Air Rifle as most of the permission I have decoyed, neighbors complained to the farmer about the constant crack of 12 Bores so Air Rifle was only possible. I'm genuine, No Messer and all land and livestock is fully respected.


I do plan on recording my shooting as some may know a few years ago I used to make videos for my youtube channel. Most of the land I shoot over the years was other peoples permission that I was kindly granted permission to shoot. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Its probably worth pointing out that I have my own pressure washing business that covers Solar Panels & agricultural machinery and I'm willing to do free cleans. I'm also a dab hand at Mole Control.


Before anyone says Go Knocking Doors etc etc etc i have thanks.


Kind Regards


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