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Build A Pest Control Website

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Firstly , sorry if this is in the wrong section , was unsure where to post it.


I have been increasingly thinking about getting a website built , never had one before .


Is it worth the cost , in terms of increased work coming in ?

Where do you get one built?

One of my customers does this for a living , but has no knowledge of pest control at all . After speaking to her it sounds like I would have to completely supply all the information , text etc for her to build the site. Is this the norm or is there a recommended person out there who does this sort of thing?


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There are thousands of web designers out there, you can find them easily through google.


Yes you'll have to supply all the info, so basically they're paid to design and create the site. Try to get a deal where you can edit details on the site yourself. If you don't get this, you'll have to pay them every time you want an update to your site.


When your site is being built, don't pay them the full amount straight away. Keep a percentage back until the site is up and running to your satisfaction. Once a web builder has your cash, they aren't so helpful and friendly any more...... Unless you're still spending money with them.


I've seen a few web designers work this way on friends and colleagues' websites.


Steer clear from google ads. The pay per click is alright for big firms, but will cost the small business a lot of money. Cost me a fortune and little/no extra work.


My website is great, and excellent at bringing in work. It takes time to build up in the search engine rankings though. I'd definitely recommend you having one built if you're looking to expand or do more work just be careful to make sure you get what you want at a fair price.


Hope this helps :thumbs:

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Do it for free on wix, costs nothing and you can update it whenever you like, I've got three websites running and don't pay a penny. If your supplying all the information yourself then might as well simply type it in yourself, there are plenty of templates and you don't have to be genius or know anything about html, flash or any of the malarkey!! Not blowing my own trumpet but we've had customers who have said our sites are better than some that have been professionally designed!!

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Having a web presence is a must these days, help the work trickle in. Do not need any thing fancy, just the basics.


They can be as cheap or expensive as you want, just 1 page or many

don't pay anything for my sites and they are all multi page, I'm not one to splurge my personal business all over these forums but I can assure you if you do it right, free sites can do the job adequately

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