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Double Rees Breed Bull Pups For Sale

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Ok sorry lads for not geting more pics up sooner just been very busy I have 3 dogs PUPS left the cream dog is the farther and the brindel dog is full brother to the mother cream dog 29" brindel dog 27

3 things to make a good dog? Good dogs make them self with work put in front of them . Not cribbing your post but both parents look like they've seem very little work. Nice condition pups.

What a load of shite,a good dog to burst a ditch will catch a lot more foxes than some half hearted yoke.a good fox lamping or daytime lurcher should hit cover flat out after a fox,it all boils down t

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Now I had a pie bred dog that came from the wrecking crew and sailor30 will tell you what sort of dog he was let me just say this I was proud to Owen him he never pulled up and any ditch hedgerow or anything he went through anything to get to his quarry he was the gamest dog I ever saw I've a 9 month old pup out of him so carnt wait for this season . Let the lad sell his pups

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Well seems I'm not selling any more bull pups I have a beautiful litter of top quality 100 percent single handed potato picking leprechaun pups for sale 25 each so should be a perfect for some of yous sire is 102 years old marked to death has pick more potatoes than any other picker I have ever seen dam is 83 and picked a lot has you can tell by the pics



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Atb with the pups mate far to menny priks on hare what hasn't got the 250 those are the ones that think they no it all and don't go to work to interested in being a internet hunter then a real hunter


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Jesus this site must be the worst place to advertise anything....

The guy has been honest from the 1st post. They are well bred pups and yes the bitch is young but that's his choice to breed, he was honest about what both dogs can do and yet still people jump on him. IF people don't like the pups just don't buy one? Can't see the point ruining the guys thread...if you don't like don't look, makes life a lot easier. Pups look good and I'm sure they will do the job. Good luck finding homes

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