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Where Do They Go

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It's good to help out genuine lads but how many are really that, best thing to do is advertise and donate to a good cause either the sick kids or injured servicemen women, reckon most of the newbies just looking for a little earner atb Flacko

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This site has always been very good for helping youngsters out,,,,,but like pie eater said ,,most of us started with a Jill ,,and a handful of nets,,,,


Let's be honest,,in many respects it's all you need,,,,I think you can still buy cheap nets for about a pound each,,,,and a ferret kit for a fiver or less,,,,you could get going for less than a tenner

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Ive giving stuff away good luck to however got it and if they use it or punt it , but to help a youngster i would prefer to take them out show them how to do things and slowly pass some gear on to them .As you could give somebody 100 nets but if there no using them right whats the point ?.

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I started with a jill and about 10 nets, I picked a hutch up that was knackered and ended up tarting it up, all in for about 15 quid I think. As said I think it's good to help the younger generation get into ferreting and help them out with a bit of gear bit more importantly the knowledge. I don't think I would give gear to a youngster I didn't know unless I had taken them out a few times to make sure they were genuinely interested but there aren't many people who would take strangers onto their land and show them the ropes like an old timer did for me and understandably so. Hard to tell who is genuine and who is out to make a couple of quid off the backs of some kind hearted people who are trying to help them out

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Ive just seen a wanted add on another site wanting gear for free because hes just starting and doesnt want to spend the money in case he doesnt stick at it

Cheeky gits if they that keen to try they will tagging along with someone 1st then buy the gear if keen.


I started with a ferret and a pillow case lol.

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