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A few types of "swims" where we're fortunate enough to fish..   The Exeter Canal before first light (Tench blowing everywhere on this morning).. The tidal Exe     First light at Hopes

I'm guessing I was about 14 when this was taken.That would make it 43 years ago. Eek ! Its possible I had hooked the bottom rather than a fish:)   This one was taken at the same spot yesterday a

Moved further down south recently the canal is a 5min walk so after years of barrowing around a ton of carp gear around packed lakes started fishing light. Drop shotting for perch and pre baiting like

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Another blank. That is four on the trot, but I wasn't the only one. Three French anglers also failed to register a bite. I had two carp rods out and a swingtip rod for roach.




One of the other anglers hadn't had a bite all week and he had fished every day. 

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A pleasant day on the free section of the Itchen.  20211114_123154.jpg.7df265ee4b1f6da1ce39a34fe0bfe248.jpgAn hour or so wobbling a deadbait proved fruitless although something , probably an ambitious trout,  did take the tail off my bait. 

      I spent the rest of the day trying to catch grayling and l was very successful . 20211114_092432.jpg.98fc7957a0816dc30963d4a3464a48d9.jpgThat's if you ignore the fact  that none were over half a pound and most were a lot smaller. I did hook two real biggies though.One was certainly over 2lb. Unfortunatly both did the classic grayling wiggle- dance when they saw the net and came off.

Two   trout added to the variety    Both fought as if they thought l was going to eat them. Which I wouldn't have done .20211114_131836.jpg.3d37cb7527d1475619561afae22f1864.jpg

As they were out of Season they don't  really count but they added to the excitment. 20211114_141801.jpg.a02b2102f75adba95f73f3f89cb4c269.jpg

I lost count of the minnows that l caught. Even a size 10 hook   couldn't  thwart them 😁


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On 22/10/2021 at 18:13, lurcherman 887 said:


FD7BE7B9-6EC9-4B53-A9A9-B8927C16CDD3.jpeg“The angry common”

“The friendly”

Just had a text from my lad, he’s just done another lake record on a pit in Staffordshire 44 12 will stick you up some pics when I get them, took a day off work for the full moon last night and bam 👍👍

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