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17 hours ago, lurcherman 887 said:

Another 30lb off the big pit 50-70 fish 60 acres 


Nice one, my boy has just started a little campaign on a new water up in Staffordshire been having a few from the off will get some pics up for you when he gets a chunk 👍👍

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A few types of "swims" where we're fortunate enough to fish..   The Exeter Canal before first light (Tench blowing everywhere on this morning).. The tidal Exe     First light at Hopes

I'm guessing I was about 14 when this was taken.That would make it 43 years ago. Eek ! Its possible I had hooked the bottom rather than a fish:)   This one was taken at the same spot yesterday a

Moved further down south recently the canal is a 5min walk so after years of barrowing around a ton of carp gear around packed lakes started fishing light. Drop shotting for perch and pre baiting like

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8 minutes ago, Greyman said:

Nice one, my boy has just started a little campaign on a new water up in Staffordshire been having a few from the off will get some pics up for you when he gets a chunk 👍👍

Look forward to it mate! This lake was a real challenge for me some really old characters in there that friendly is said to be 50+ years old! With only 50-70 fish in a lake of that size it was like fishing in the sea I was made up to have my first one at 22lb but to have 3 30s I’ve been lucky ! 


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An early finish from work saw me heading to the millstream with canine companion, a few hastily dug worms  and a minimalistic set of tackle.


20211020_162727_resized.jpg.16ec03bc431312fa8bb359dd4b26b847.jpgDespite the floodwater  rushing through like hydro-soup l managed to find a tiny little eddy to drop a worm into.  Normally the sort of spot where  the water wouldn't  reach halfway up the side of a pair of flip-flops, it was now a good three or four feet deep. It was also heavily overhung with branches and brambles. 


Luckily l was only equipped with a short rod; a whispy little thing cobbled together from an old cane fly rod  .

A big shot anchored my lobworm in the middle of the eddy and after ten minutes or so the line twitched. 

Quite a tussle ensued as the fish dove into every bit overhanging undergrowth and sought solace amid various submerged branches . Thankfully it didn't  take to the main current as l don't think with my puny  tackle l could've  drawn it back upstream without something going snap ,crackle or pop.

But luck was with me!


A couple more casts before it became too dark to see resulted in a lost fish and a little roach.


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Fished an arm of a big (120 hectare) lake this afternoon. There was a French carp angler set up where I parked my car. He had set up 5 metres from the car. I walked through 3 fields and over 4 fences. He had four rods and all the gummings. I had one rod and a small bag. 




I got talking to him on my way back. He'd been there 9 hours. I'd been there less than 4 hours. 

We both hadn't had a bite. That's fishing for you. 

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