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43 minutes ago, mole trapper said:

Due to covid, brexit, Scottish independence,  Germany being booted out of the cup, ufo,s we have cancelled our med and states holidays again this year so looking at travelling to France fingers crossed.  How do I go about getting a French coarse fishing licence? What is the deal with regards to river, canal fishing? Presumably similar to our permitted areas that aren't club owned?

Hi Jamie,  the licence is called a Carte de Peche, CdP, that you can buy from fishing shops, tourist offices, some large supermarkets, or online. If you know what department you are going to fish then type "peche" and department number into Google. You print the licence off yourself. The licences are for a day €16, fortnight €33 or year (Jan to Dec) €100. 

I think that the day and fortnightly cartes are specifically for the deparment that you bought it in. The annual one (€100) covers all departments. Regards where to fish; if it doesn't say privee or peche interdite you can fish any river or public lake with no extra charge. Each department has a fisheries website that list specific areas where there are facilities like picnic tables and easy parking, but you will find lots of places just by driving around or on Google Earth.

The trout season ends at the end of September and all the trout rivers are closed until March. Even for coarse fish. Sea fishing is unregulated except for local by-laws posted on notice boards. Usually no fishing in harbours and marinas,

If you get down to our neck of the woods I'll sort you out with some good fishing. I also have details of good places in the Dordogne and Lot departments and most of the Vienne and Charente rivers. We know some great off-piste camping places too. 

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A few types of "swims" where we're fortunate enough to fish..   The Exeter Canal before first light (Tench blowing everywhere on this morning).. The tidal Exe     First light at Hopes

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Thanks again for such helpful info 👍 

We are indeed looking at coming down down your neck of the woods and ile de rhe as usual if we make it down.

If we are able to get away it will probably be in September before mel  gets into silly season chimney sweeping. 

Thanks again, 


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The Il de Re are hostile to wild camping. If you are not on a proper site they move you on or in some cases issue fines. You might be able to get away with parking overnight at supermarkets. We avoid that part of the coast, but there is a tiny little island called Ile Madame with an aire on it in the same bay. Twelve euros a night, but like being on the Farne Islands as you have to drive over a tidal causeway.

Just inland there is a good free overnight spot at Marans right by the side of the river with plenty of small crucian type carp averaging 1.5lb each and mullet. Some big cats too. Same at  Marrenes at a place called le Lindron and the canal goes on for miles. Just pull in anywhere. There is another good free overnight place at Monsac  on  the Charente with a pub doing food and music a short walk away. Some nice barbel and bream fishing. 

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You are truly a wealth of information 👍 

We have a cheap camp site on rhe we always stay at, we have stealth camped in one car park without trouble,  but probably because we are generally down out of main season. 


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We'll be away most of September. But if you pm me once you've sorted your travel plans I will give you details of some good places to fish in that area.

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Fished a reservoir yesterday. Its was terrible fishing, nothing was biting whatever method we tried and we got very wet, but was good to be out on the water with mates



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