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Just now, Archibold said:


Tried cundall am places like that mate?

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5 hours ago, Archibold said:

Lol I don't think I could bring myself to kill one.

They can live out of water......stick it in your car and give me a shout.....I will do the rest ....

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my bag 


my mate Andy's bag 


my brothers bag. 

Fished at Brafferton and I hadn’t been for ages. They both wanted to chuck £10 each in to a mini match so I agreed and duly took their money lol. 

Bloody freezing cold though 

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On 06/05/2019 at 23:09, Archibold said:

I remember reading you have had some good ones 👍 I tried the rivers swale and wharfe and not had anything big but the barbel and big perch loved the prawn's.  👍

I,m rather partial, had a crazy eel encounter in the 1980s were I still feel to this day I lost a potential record over the net, the British record at the time was just over 8lb and caught from a local lake, sadly the fish had been killed and was mounted and on show in a local tackle shop, so I had seen it over the years and what was in my net was a fair size bigger before it shed the hooks in the mesh and reversed out over the cord 😡


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Had a look this evening to see if the bass are in,trolled some rapala's and then had a go from a shingle island that appears when the tide drops a bit with some jelly's,one of the best sessions iv'e ever had with me and a pal catching around 25 bass between us and a good few keepies  but like the law says only took one home each :victory:..



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16 hours ago, Archibold said:

Looks amazing I bet that was fun!

It was one of the best sessions iv'e ever had on salt water mate and what puts a bigger smile on my face is it's the start of the season and i got a few months on this mark.There were bass hitting sand eels on the surface and that's why we landed and got into them with the jellies,we both caught fish that hit our lures in the rolling surf right under the rod tip,some as the jelly hit the water and some as normal as such.I know how lucky we were yesterday and i thank Neptune for it,one bad thing is that little boat is up for sale and a fella is viewing it today,he's paying full wack that's for sure as i want back out there and the new boat iv'e bought isn't quite ready :laugh:..

Just to add i tried so hard to sell it :whistling: he didn't buy it :laugh:,so we'll have a evening or two this week while the sun shines and the wind don't blow..

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few hrs with the kids ,building some new swims....ready for the glorious 16th 🎣

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9 hours ago, Wideboy said:

Two on Friday evening 



The dog is doing the carpy staring pose🤣🤣🤣

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