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Went on this Cheshire mere with the lures this afternoon . Only had one jack on a savage 4play lip lure and my mate had one on zman slim swim shad aswell from the same swim but nothing else for the rest of the afternoon 


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Lost one so moved a mile or so to a marina. Think there is to much activity on the boats at weekend......people banging and sawing, must be DIY day. Stood in a dog turd as well. 


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Third spot and success!!!! A winter pike, one of my targets ticked off 😀😀 a really small head on it but wide on the back and a hell of a fat belly. I'm guessing 7lb but iv never weighed a fish so will never know. Iv adjusted my target.....i now want a double! Iv had two doubles on my rod but both times I let other people land em



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It felt like spring yesterday so I planned to take a day off work and be fishing for 8. Unfortunately it was hailstones this morning so I was slow getting motivated. Hounds are meeting nearby as well so my plan was to leave my tackle with my brother if I heard em going well......finally got two baits in the water so let's wait and see 


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